Connecting your brand with women who love fashion

Real fashion on a real woman

Are you a fashion brand that wants to connect with millions of Australian women who feel under represented and ignored by the fashion industry? Natalie Angel has gained the trust and devotion of Australian women who wear sizes 12 and up with her unparalleled approach to fashion reviewing and styling.


“The interesting thing is that the more honest I am, the more sales the brands get.”

- Natalie Angel

A breath of fresh air in the fashion industry

Nat was the first fashion influencer in Australia to create unfiltered and unedited video content that showcases how garments look on her size 16 frame. There have been countless copycats, but no one comes close to matching Nat’s audience quality and engagement. 


LMTBYB followers keep coming back for more because Nat’s reviews are authentic and focus on the average Australian woman’s needs. If her tribe needs to know whether a fabric is see-through, Nat isn’t afraid to do a sumo squat infront of the camera. She says it like it is and women love her for it.

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Private Facebook Group

99.5% Female
72% 25-54 years old

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99.1% Female
68% 25-54 years old

  • Instagram

87/100 Audience Quality Score

1.8K authentic engagements per post
143,057 accounts reached
Jun-Jul 2021

These stats are from Jan-June 2021


Work with Nat

Facebook Group – Live Try-on
60 minutes

Nat’s most dedicated followers are in her Facebook group because her live try-on sessions are SO much fun! She showcases 10 to 20 garments from the same brand and women interact with her by posting comments and photos.

The buying frenzy that ensues has to be seen to be believed! The brands Nat works with are always amazed by the results.

Instagram IGTV Video
15 minutes



If you’d like Nat’s input on your next collection or her expertise on designing a body inclusive collection, get in touch. She offers a range of consultancy services

for fashion brands of all sizes.

Nat’s fun and informative 15-minute IGTV videos pack a serious punch when it comes to connecting fashion brands with real Australian women. She tries on several garments and offers sizing and styling tips to her engaged audience. 


Because women can see how the clothes look on Nat and she helps them figure out the right size for them, many items sell out before the IGTV video is over and

return rates are low.

Want to work with me?

Are you a fashion brand that wants to connect with real Australian women and would like Nat to review your brand?

Contact us today!


Saffron Road

“The 7 day period after the FB live and IGTV video dropped, we had a 330% increase in sales vs the previous week. We now use a combination of both Natalie’s Facebook and IGTV for every new collection. This has been our most successful sales strategy to date.”


Michelle (Owner)